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Functional brain connectivity.

Düsseldorf, Germany

April 4 - 6, 2002

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Workshop programme and abstracts of presentations (PDF-format)


Demonstrating compelling structure-function relationships in the organization of the nervous system has been difficult since both its structure and its function are often very complex. Collations, analyses and syntheses of more and more detailed experimental data and the use of new technologies are beginning to make an impact on our understanding of the structure and function of complex neuronal networks. In this context "functional connectivity" refers to the statistical interdependence of functional phenomena whose causal relationships need to be scrutinized with the aid of further information, particularly about the structural organization of the system.


This workshop will bring together and foster interactions between the most prominent research approaches in the field of "functional connectivity":

The workshop should lead to an exchange of conceptual and mathematical frameworks that had been demonstrated to be useful within their respective contexts. In particular, we want to explore the possibility that one level of enquiry can inform or be constrained by others. This could be done by combining approaches with different advantages/limitations or by application of concepts to new research contexts.



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Registration is closed now since the maximum capacity of the workshop has already been reached.