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Neuroinformatics: bioinformatics for the neurosciences?

Palais des Congres Paris, Salle 241, France

July 13, 2002 - 9.00-15.00

Supported by the EC Thematic Network on Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics

This is a satellite meeting of fens2002.


Until now bioinformatics and neuroinformatics have evolved in parallel with little interaction between the two fields. Recently bioinformatics has moved beyond databases and embraced computational modeling of gene regulation and signalling pathways. At the same time neuroinformatics which was traditionally strong in neural modeling has moved into database development.


The speakers at this symposium will present the current status and future trends in the fields of bio and neuroinformatics and speculate on a possible merger of the two fields.


9:00 : E. De Schutter (University of Antwerp): Welcome and introduction

9:20 : T. Hannay (Nature Publishing Group, London): "Bioinformatics in the Post-Genomic Era"

10:00 : J.P. Changeux (Institut Pasteur, Paris): "Neuronal models for effortful cognitive tasks : an approach to consciousness"

10:40 : Short discussion

11:00 : M. Ashburner (Cambridge University): "On ontologies and bioinformatics"

11:40 : D. Gardner (Cornell University, New York): "Open and interoperable design for neuro-informatics"

12:20 : Short discussion

12:40 : lunch break

13:20 : T. Shimizu (Cambridge University): "Models of cell signalling at the molecular level: kinetics, structure and spatial organisation."

14:00 : K. Friston (Institute of Neurology, London): "Data-mining the brain with dynamic causal modeling"

14:40 : Short discussion

15:00 : Closure

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The registration is free but required as seating is limited.

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Prof. E. De Schutter
University of Antwerp