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Brain Connectivity Workshop.

Havana City, Cuba

April 26 - 29, 2004

Introductory Neuroinformatics Course : April 23 - 25

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Brain function is dependent on the interactions between specialized regions of cortex that process information within local and global networks. Integration of information arises from these interactions as a dynamic process on different time scales. Investigations of the physical connections between neuronal structures and measurements of brain activity in vivo have given rise to concepts of anatomical, functional and effective connectivity, which have been useful for undestanding brain mechanisms and their plasticity. The First multi-disciplinary workshop on "Functional Brain Connectivity" organized by Rolf Kötter and Karl Friston in April 2002 in Düsseldorf, Germany, carefully defined the concepts and explored the relationship between different conceptual approaches. Following this successful event, the Second Workshop organized by Ed Bullmore and Lee Harrison was held in May 2003 in Cambridge, England, with a focus on complex analysis and dynamical systems theory. This year's workshop will continue the multi-disciplinary discussion with a focus on the fusion of methods with different spatial and temporal resolution.

The Third Workshop on Brain Connectivity will be held from April 26th to 30th, 2004 in Havana....


The general aim of the meeting is to bring together experts from the fields of Computational and Experimental Neuroscience to review and advance recent work on structural, functional and effective connectivity. The specific focus of this workshop will be the fusion of different brain imaging approaches for measuring and explaining dynamic interactions between neuronal ensembles and their relation to information processing in the brain. For example, it will address questions that arise when interpreting functional imaging (fMRI and PET), electrophysiological (EEG, MEG, LFP and single/ multiple unit recordings) data and their fusion.

Workshop programme:

The workshop will be organized around seven general themes:

As proven useful and popular in the past, the format of this workshop is special: Instead of lengthy slide presentations experts will give a brief (max. 15 min.) introduction of a topic of their choice and lead a discussion for up to one hour in interaction with questions and contributions from the audience.

Introductory Neuroinformatics Course:

This course provides an introduction to connectivity analyses in the context of functional imaging studies. Speakers will explain the conceptual issues and introduce relevant resources and software packages with practical examples. Participants are encouraged to try them using the computer infrastructure at the University of Computer Sciences.

For further information on the Introductory Neuroinformatics Course and registration click here

Contributors and topics:

Program details:

The workshop will commence on Monday morning, 26 April, and conclude on Thursday night, 29 April 2004. There will be held short "hands on" courses on the use of software in this field during the two days preceding the meeting.

Location and Directions:

The workshop will take place in a conference room inside Palco Hotel.

Costs and registration:

Registration is made electronically on the server. More info can be found here.

There is a charge of $250 to cover administration and catering (coffee break and lunch) and stationary costs.

On-site registration is accepted

For further information on the Introductory Neuroinformatics Course and registration click here


Once your registration fee is recieved, havanatur agency office ( in your country (if exist) will contact you in order to offer you tour packages which includes visa procedures, airfare, internal tranfers in\out the airport and hotel acommodation in two hotels of your preference with which we have negotiated the the following rates:

Package for Hotel Palco

"Hotel Palco" is the only one included in those packages through a special arrangements of prices, other hotels near the place of the meeting are also available:

Please take into account that we will start the meeting at 9am on Monday 26th April.

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