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Neuro-IT Cerebellar Modeling Workshop.

University of Antwerp, CDE, promotiezaal

December 5-6, 2005

December 5

09:20-09:30 : E. De Schutter: Welcome

09:30-10:20 : C. Darlot (Paris, France): Computation of approximate inverse functions in the median cerebellar pathways

10:20-11:10 : R. Maex (Antwerp, Belgium): Purkinje cells as neural integrators: A hypothesis

11:10-11:30 : Coffee break

11:30-12:20 : P. Dean (Sheffield, UK): Decorrelation control: A candidate for the cerebellar algorithm?

13:30-14:20 : G. Chauvet (Angers, France): Toward the functional unit of the cerebellum: A theoretical approach

14:20-15:10 : E. d'Angelo (Pavia, Italy): Spatio-temporal information re-coding by bidirectional synaptic plasticity at the cerebellum input stage

15:10-15:30 : Coffee break

15:30-16:20 : A. Silver (London, UK): Rapid replenishment from a large vesicle pool sustains high bandwidth transmission at the mossy fibre-Granule cell synapse

19:00 : No host dinner at 'tPakhuis

December 6

09:30-10:20 : N. Brunel (Paris, France): Silent synapses and optimization of Purkinje cell storage capacity

10:20-11:10 : E. De Schutter (Antwerp, Belgium): Decoding Purkinje cell simple spike trains: Patterns and pauses

11:10-11:30 : Coffee break

11:30-12:20 : M. Hausser (London, UK): Experiments and modeling on spike initiation in Purkinje cells

13:30-14:20 : C. De Zeeuw (Rotterdam, Netherlands): How olivary coupling interacts with cerebellar plasticity

14:20-15:10 : Y. Yarom (Jerusalem, Israel): The olivo-cerebellar timing circuit

15:10-15:30 : Coffee break

15:30-16:00 : J. Porrill (Sheffield, UK): Computational analysis of the cerebellar algorithm

All : Wrap-up discussion

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Supported by Neuro-IT network (EC FP5 IST FET program)